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Good News

Although there is much bad news today from all over the world, as Christians we have some outstandingly good news to share with you. The good news is that the God of creation is a God of love who wants to have a personal relationship with you ~ and you to have a personal relationship with Him. This will transform your life and give you purpose and significance. Here is how this good news story unfolds:

This is God’s world and he made it from nothing, declaring that his son, Jesus, is ruler or Lord. The Bible tells how Jesus was put to death for our wrongdoing (sin), but rose again from the dead by the power of God. This fulfilled God's plan of salvation, and Jesus ascended into heaven where he is now exalted as Lord of all.

Father and Son (God and Jesus) love us and want the very best for us. God has the authority to direct our lives for our good, but people tend to rebel against this. They may be very hostile to this fact or just not care about it. Either way they are rebellious against God.

God wants us to stop being rebellious, turn back and accept Jesus as the one to guide our lives for our good.

If a person repents of his or her rebellion against God, accepting that Jesus has the right to guide, direct and rule in their life, then they will receive God's forgiveness and it will be as if they never rebelled. God's forgiveness will transform your life and give you purpose and significance.

However, if a person will not accept the right of Jesus to direct in his or her life and receive his forgiveness, freely offered, then no amount of doing ‘good’ will bring him or her into an everlasting relationship with God the Father.


How do you feel about this story? If it makes you eager to learn more, then we invite you to get in touch with us either via the web site, or come along to a church service and you’ll find times and details on the 'Activities' page:  click here 

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